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Below, we have assembled a comparison of Portfolio and the two other most common portal solutions on the market: the 'free' WordPress (read the shootout article) and the costly, cumbersome Sharepoint.

As you can read in our article, WordPress is free to download and performs the function it was designed for very well: blogging. While it has been used successfully beyond that purpose, addressing many corporate portal needs, like simple e-commerce, can be challenging, if not impossible. As with most 'free' software, free ends when it comes to hosting, maintaining and customizing the software.

Microsoft's flagship portal product has come a long way since its inception and, as always, excels as a document management solution when combined with the desktop functionality built into Microsoft Office. However, it still remains very complicated to configure and use, especially as compared to Portfolio. Add to this a relatively hefty price tag.
Web Portal Software Comparison
One-Click Access To All Sections UnsupportedSupportedUnsupported
Content Approval SupportedSupportedSupported
Content Staging UnsupportedSupportedSupported
Automatic Versioning Partially SupportedSupportedSupported
Drag-N-Drop Content SupportedSupportedSupported
Rich Text Editor SupportedSupportedSupported
Spell Checker SupportedSupportedSupported
Image Resizing Partially SupportedSupportedUnsupported
Macro Language SupportedUnsupportedSupported
XHTML Compliant SupportedSupportedSupported
Friendly URLs SupportedSupportedSupported
Site Setup Wizard UnsupportedSupportedUnsupported
Themes/Skins SupportedSupportedSupported
Style Wizard UnsupportedSupportedUnsupported
Content Syndication SupportedSupportedSupported
Workflow Engine UnsupportedSupportedSupported
Multi-Language Support Partially SupportedSupportedSupported
WebDAV Support UnsupportedSupportedSupported
iCAL Support UnsupportedSupportedSupported
Content Scheduling UnsupportedSupportedSupported
Package Deployment UnsupportedSupportedSupported
Content Reuse UnsupportedSupportedSupported
Private Internal Messaging UnsupportedSupportedPartially Supported
Affiliate Tracking UnsupportedSupportedUnsupported
Static Content Export UnsupportedSupportedUnsupported
User Account Management SupportedSupportedSupported
Granular Permissions SupportedSupportedSupported
Multiple Authentication Methods UnsupportedSupportedSupported
Captcha UnsupportedSupportedUnsupported
Audit Trail UnsupportedSupportedSupported
SSL Partially SupportedSupportedSupported
HIPAA Compliant UnsupportedSupportedSupported
Login History UnsupportedSupportedSupported
Session Management Partially SupportedSupportedSupported
Extensible User Profiles UnsupportedSupportedSupported
Subscriptions UnsupportedSupportedUnsupported
Static Text/HTML SupportedSupportedSupported
Announcements SupportedSupportedSupported
Blog SupportedSupportedSupported
Calendars Partially SupportedSupportedSupported
eMail Marketing UnsupportedSupportedSupported
FAQs Partially SupportedSupportedSupported
Forums Partially SupportedSupportedSupported
Document Management UnsupportedSupportedSupported
Learning Management UnsupportedSupportedSupported
eCommerce Store UnsupportedSupportedPartially Supported
Request Ticketing UnsupportedSupportedSupported
Surveys/Quizzes SupportedSupportedSupported
Google Analytics Partially SupportedSupportedPartially Supported
Banner Advertising UnsupportedSupportedUnsupported
IM/Chat UnsupportedSupportedPartially Supported
Photo Gallery Partially SupportedSupportedPartially Supported
Project Tracking UnsupportedSupportedSupported
Wiki Partially SupportedSupportedSupported
Workforce Optimizer UnsupportedSupportedUnsupported
Social Collaboration Groups UnsupportedSupportedUnsupported
Social Journaling
Multi-Site Deployment UnsupportedSupportedSupported
No Additional IT Resources Req'd UnsupportedSupportedUnsupported
99.99% Uptime Guarantee UnsupportedSupportedPartially Supported
CGI-mode Support UnsupportedSupportedSupported
Development Language PHPC#/VB.NetC#/VB.Net
Self Service SupportedSupportedSupported
Support At No Add'l Cost UnsupportedSupportedUnsupported
Help Desk/Ticketing UnsupportedSupportedPartially Supported
Users Guides/Manuals Partially SupportedSupportedSupported

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Supported = Supported
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