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With Vistalogix’s Workforce Optimizer software, your organization can define all activities necessary for your operations and monitor the costs to perform those activities.  With just a few easy steps the system is set up and ready to receive information.  Employees work as they always have and track the tasks they are responsible to perform as well as any additional tasks they have been given on a particular day.  The activities are entered similarly to how their time sheets are currently entered.  Once it is in the system it is available for reports, budgeting or any other form of analysis a manager desires.

  • Cut budget preparation time from weeks to hours.
  • Justify personnel costs and make sure the right people are in the right positions.
  • Easily prove the need for funding, with hard numbers, not guesswork.
  • Find ways to reduce costs without layoffs or cutting services.
"Vistalogix's Workforce Optimizer ensures that the right people are performing the right functions, with the right resources, in the fastest amount of time, and at the lowest cost possible." - Charlie Walsh, HOPS International
Simplify Justification

The Workforce Optimizer’s reporting and dashboard capabilities provide simple analysis and justification for funding - at the click of a mouse.

  • Quickly and clearly show what funding is needed for new and existing programs and/or services.

  • Catch wasteful spending early, before costly audits or the public do.

  • Have information available at your fingertips for planning or board meetings.

  • Reallocate funds and save money without compromising services.

Staff Utilization

The Workforce Optimizer module provides visibility into what resources are spent on specific activities, allowing for efficient management of staff time.

  • Identify obstacles that inhibit or prevent staff from getting work done.

  • Make sure staff are being utilized for primary job functions and reduce wasting their time on extraneous activities.

  • Tighten up your budget quickly and effectively.

  • Quickly evaluate the need for new or changing positions and duties.

  • Up-to-the-minute reports are available at the click of a mouse, without spending hours manually crunching numbers.

  • Enhance long-range organizational development and strategic planning.

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