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The Portfolio LMS is designed to fit any size organization and allows technical and non-technical training managers to easily create, manage, and track interactive training courses and learning programs for all levels of users.
  • SCORM compliant web based Learning Management System (LMS)
  • Track classroom training, blended learning - anything on the web.
  • eCommerce, social networking, mentor chat, assignment uploads, etc.
  • Elegant, intuitive and powerful.  Unlimited custom Manager Profiles.
  • Deliver training to distributed channels - great for franchise networks.

Making Learning Easier
eLearning for a Distributed Workforce
Reduce your time to market for products or services through advanced training by providing sales and service learning content to all employees, whether local or remote. Restrict access to content by department or location. Track and ensure quality standards are understood and competencies are assessed and achieved via centralized tracking and reporting.

Empower Dealers, Franchisees & Resellers
Use your learning content to train your Dealer Networks, Resellers and Franchisees by using our advanced enterprise portal technology. Allow your partners to access learning assets, operations guides, promotional materials and approved advertising from their own portals.

Educate Customers and Increase Sales
Create customer portals to demonstrate product usage, training guides and FAQs. Reduce Technical Support and Customer Service requests by addressing issues before they occur. Enhance profit centers by selling your learning content.

Customizable Certificates of Completion
Completion certificates can be designed and customized to match to your company's branding using Adobe Acrobat or another PDF authoring tool. Learner and Course information will be dynamically inserted into the certificates upon successful completion.

Mobile Support
The Accord LMS provides full mobile support for smart phones and tablets including iPhone, iTouch, iPad and Android.
Making Management Easier
Easy to Understand, Navigate and Utilize
Deliver personalized learning content to Learners based on their Learner Roles. Status, Score and Duration can be shown for each Learning Event. Customizable notifications can include enrollment, drop, attempts and scores. Advanced search on title, description, keywords, target audience and details.

Manage Learner Assignments
Assign learning content to employees and other learners and/or allow them to select from a personalized catalog of content. Restrict access to content by department, user group, or location.

Easily Organize your Content Catalog
Intuitive layout, feature packed context menus and drag and drop management make it easy to organize Learning Events into different learning paths for your Learners. Create certifications, job/role based learning, or any set of curriculums to meet your business needs. Informational tips are available at a click of the mouse.

Support Varying Types of Learning
In addition to traditional SCORM 1.2 and 2004 content, Learning Events can be based on classroom/on-site training, webinars, videos, forums, mentor chats, file and URL access. Non-SCORM Learning Events are tracked the same as SCORM content to allow consistent transcript and learning reports.

Comprehensive, Real-Time Reporting
Dashboard reports provide a quick overview of reporting information. The Dashboard contains visual charts, information, and contextual links to more detailed drill down reports.

Learner Transcripts
The transcript is a Learner report that lists all their Learning Events and current status.  Certificates of Completion, attempt histories and review of individual Score Results can be enabled as well.
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