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Vistalogix Portfolio's dynamic, Microsoft SQL foundation and .Net architecture make it an ideal platform to develop any custom, web-based software your organization needs. The best part is that this can often be done at a lower cost than purchasing off-the-shelf software!

  • Basic components, such as user account management and security permissions are already built-in.
  • Use Portfolio's web-based characteristics to deploy software without touching each desktop PC - build or modify it once and it's done!
  • The modular design of Portfolio makes it easy to build new software without reinventing the wheel or starting from scratch.
  • Data can be accessed from most mobile devices such as Blackberry, iPhone, iPad, Droid, and others.
Done Right - The First Time
Our development team's focus is one one key objective: well-built software. With our self-initiated accountability, re-work hurts us not you. So, the incentive for us is to make sure your project is delivered correctly the first time.
  • We carefully review and document your requirements, communicating extensively with you and your staff to ensure that 100% of your needs are covered.
  • Sure, not everyone's perfect, we screw up sometimes too - but we'll fix our mistakes at no additional cost to you!
  • We employ an extensive testing and bug tracking process, including the industry-leading Gemini issue management software.
  • Our development process involves you at every stage along the way, so there's no question that we're delivering what you expect. (Our clients are usually surprised to find that we deliver more than they expect - something very uncommon in our industry).
Value & Accountability
At Vistalogix, we thoroughly scope every project and build in our own accountability. That's why all of our projects adhere to fixed pricing - no more dragging feet and ever-increasing costs.
  • We engage our developers on a project by project basis, which reduces our overhead, and ultimately the cost to you.
  • We clearly define everything we're going to do as part of your project, including screenshots and detailed descriptions of functionality - there's no ambiguity in our scopes!
  • The only time you'll see a cost increase is if you increase the scope of work that needs to be done.
  • We're the only company we know of who will offer an annual maintenance agreement for your custom software - you don't have to pay to redevelop your solution when we come out with a new version of Portfolio, we improve your software right along with ours!
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