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Vistalogix's enterprise email provides all of the benefits Fortune 500 organizations realize from their email systems without the high cost of infrastructure or staff.
  •   Work from anywhere - securely: Access your email, contacts, calendar and task list from any web browser, all through an encrypted connection.
  •   Sync with your smartphone and desktop PC without maintaining additional server software.
  •   Benefit from daily backups and exceptional uptime without burdening IT personnel.


No More Mail Servers
Sample Exchange SetupReduce hardware and software license costs, as well as IT administrative overhead by eliminating your in-house email or Exchange servers - and upgrade to a more robust, enterprise-class infrastructure in the process.
No More Viruses & Spam!
Unclutter your inbox by eliminating annoying spam and atuomatically filing your incoming emails.
Government Records Compliance
Ensure compliance with government records laws by automatically archiving all incoming and outgoing emails. Separate work email from personal Google, Yahoo!, and other public email accounts.
Smartphone & Outlook Sync
Keep all of your email, contacts, calendars and tasks synchronized with your Blackberry, iPhone, Android, or WindowsMobile smartphone, as well as your desktop Outlook.
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