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Vistalogix has created a specialized Portfolio bundle specifically addressing the needs of nonprofit organizations. This bundle offers everything necessary to deliver a comprehensive, consolidated, web-based system to meet the requirements of organizational management, development, marketing, and budgeting.

Portfolio offers the easiest, most cost-effective way to share information between employees, vendors, donors and other agencies. Costs may be significantly reduced by simplifying technology administration and security. The easy, collaborative flow of information and self-service nature of a portal helps speed-up internal processes, improve client and staff satisfaction, while decreasing program management and service delivery costs.

Portfolio® offers tools that not only help facilitate collaboration, but also automate processes and provide visibility into how resources such as personnel are utilized within your organization. This allows for better allocation of budget and reduces unnecessary burdens on staff.

Funding & Development
Portfolio provides nonprofits with a number of tools to develop programs and support funding:
  • Track costs of delivered services to justify funding or create sponsorship packages.
  • Uncover hidden ways to reduced service or program delivery costs.
  • Receive and track donations using your website or other online tools.
  • Reduce administrative overhead and allocate more resources to programs.
  • Improve marketing efficiency using low-cost email marketing and other online tools.
Improve Training
Portfolio's Learning Management System helps organizations of any size and budget train and maintain knowledge and skills to improve operations and compliance, and reduce risk.
  • Reduce ongoing training and compliance costs by delivering self-serve learning, online.
  • Provide e-learning managed in a centralized or distributed manner.
  • Easily maintain employee and volunteer continuing education and certification.
  • Utilize existing SCORM 2004 learning content.
Compliant Email
Vistalogix's Continuum Email service gives nonprofits a cost-effective, secure email platform that meets all of the requires for HIPAA, FRCP, and other compliance.
  • All email traffic is 256-bit SSL encrypted, even when using Blackberry, Droid, iPhone and webmail.
  • Email traffic is extensively screened for viruses and spam, stopping threats before they reach your network.
  • All in/outbound emails are automatically archived to prevent accidental deletion and allow easy searching.
  • Email system is housed in multiple, fully redundant datacenters in geographically diverse locations to provide easy disaster recovery.
  • No in-house servers or IT management is required, significantly reducing costs.
Build Your Own Software
As several nonprofits have discovered, Vistalogix Portfolio allows you to build your own custom software, often at a lower cost than you can buy off-the-shelf!
  • Develop solutions to fit your unique requirements and processes.
  • Mold your software to your workflow, not the other way around.
  • Control which features/functions you want added and when.
  • Available standard maintenance fees, similar to our off-the-shelf modules, eliminate concerns about future updates.
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