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Our mission is to find ways to take innovative technology from being a novelty to being beneficial for business and government, and ultimately mankind, in more practical ways.

Vistalogix Portfolio was born out of an infrastructure refresh project undertaken by a medium-sized non-profit organization. The goal of this project was to consolidate all of the information systems utilized by this organization and make all of their critical data accessible via a web browser. Certain standards and design criteria were put in place to ensure simplicity and scalability. From the outstanding success of this project, the viability of such a web-based portal solution in the small and mid market became apparent and development commenced on a commercial product that improved upon the initial design criteria, thereby creating a solution that is even easier to deploy, requires minimal hardware resources and simplifies management and usage more than ever.

Vistalogix Corporation was formed as the vehicle for making this simple, cost-effective portal solution available to the business market. Today, Vistalogix has over 1,000 users running on Portfolio and is in the process of creating a second business unit called Portfolio Design Services to meet the growing demand for business-specific customization of the product. Finally, small and medium-sized companies have the ability to web-enable and automate virtually any of their processes, without the cost or inflexibility of traditional desktop software development.


Having roots in the non-profit arena, Vistalogix appreciates the importance of being actively involved in our community. To date, Vistalogix has supprted numerous community events and the organizations behind them. Either through volunteering or donation of more than $250,000 in software and services, Vistalogix strives to help improve the quality of life for all individuals.

Some of the initiatives Vistalogix has supported include events for Boys & Girls Clubs, Girl Scouts, American Heart Association, American Stroke Association, NFL Players Association Youth Education Town (YET) Centers, and many others.

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