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Vistalogix has created a specialized Portfolio bundle specifically addressing the needs of juvenile firesetter tracking, intervention and prevention. This bundle offers everything necessary to deliver a comprehensive, consolidated, web-based system for statewide management of juvenile firesetter programs.

Sustainability & Growth - In The Face of Budget Cuts
Our software has not only helped programs sustain themselves by reducing workload and proving effectiveness, but has spawned new programs as a result of the same factors. In Florida alone, after the first year of deployment, 3 new programs wee launched in areas where there were previously none.
Multi-Agency Access
▪ Track judicial, mental health and fire service information relating to a case separately, within the same website.

▪ Automate workflows and securely communicate across various agencies and jurisdictions.

▪ Each jurisdiction/program manages its own records.

▪ Isolate and limit access to law enforcement and mental health-related data.

▪ Ensure HIPAA compliance with internal messaging, strong authentication and other security policies.
Juvenile Information
▪ Referrals from fire service, law enforcement, school, mental health, or other agencies.

▪ Store all contact information, including multiple phone numbers, residence addresses, emails, etc.

▪ Record parents, care-givers, siblings, and all other pertinent relatives.

▪ Easily manage Juvenile Justice diversions.

▪ Manage firesetter workshops and juveniles' participation.
Multi-Program Collaboration
Vistalogix's juvenile firesetter program management solutions offer a boon to agencies and programs facing budget cuts and personnel reductions.
  • Collaborate across fire, insurance and juvenile justice to prevent fire loss and avoid excessive court system costs.
  • Simplify and reduce the cost of starting or maintaining programs by automating and sharing workload.
  • Unlimited user licensing means solution can be easily shared across all departments without increasing costs.
Included Benefits
▪ Can provide personalized department or agency websites.

▪ Statewide sharing of curriculum and resources.

▪ Easy modification to meet specific needs of particular states or agencies.

Portfolio platform allows easy expansion to serve other needs and reduce statewide software licensing costs for other products.
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