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Vistalogix has created a specialized Portfolio bundle specifically addressing the needs of municipalities and other governmental agencies. This bundle offers everything necessary to deliver a comprehensive, consolidated, web-based system to meet the requirements of open government, and budgeting.

Portfolio offers the easiest, most cost-effective way to share information between employees, vendors, constituents and other agencies. Costs may be significantly reduced by simplifying technology administration and security. The easy, collaborative flow of information and self-service nature of a portal helps speed-up internal processes, improve constituent satisfaction and decrease program management and delivery costs.

Accomplish More With Less
Portfolio® offers tools that not only help facilitate collaboration, but also automate processes and provide visibility into how resources such as personnel are utilized within your organization. This allows for better allocation of budget and reduces unnecessary burdens on staff.

Make Information Easy To Reach
Simplify the process of publishing meeting minutes, RFPs, forms, reports, and other information requested by the public, vendors and partner agencies. Additionally, provide a single point of access to such information for all of your staff and offices, regardless of their location. This makes it much easier to manage versions of documents and reduces wasteful searching, printing and duplication.


Portfolio delivers a number of ways to save money and staff time by providing self-service access to a variety of documents and information.

  • Requests - Keep track of requests from constituents using Portfolio's project and ticketing systems.

  • Documents - Avoid utilizing overburdened staff time to provide documents for vendors and the public.

  • Permitting & Enforcement - Simple management of permits, contracts, bids, code enforcement, and other processes.

  • Payments - Accept secure online payments for almost any services your municipality provides.

  • Information - Stream audio and video from board meetings and other public information or events.

  • Interaction - Foster communication with constituents through online forums and RSS newsfeeds.


Vistalogix’s Continuum Email service provides everything your district needs to comply with current and future government records laws.

  • Separate district and personal email accounts such as Yahoo and Gmail.

  • Automatic archiving and searching ensure compliance with Sunshine, open-government and FRCP laws.

  • No costly email servers or additional IT administration required.

  • Secure email access from anywhere, such as Blackberry, web and iPhone.

  • Ensure compliance with open records laws and Federal Rules of Civil Procedure.


Use Portfolio’s self-registration and CAN-SPAM compliant email marketing engine to save money and automate communications with constituents.

  • Save thousands annually on postage and printing costs for newsletters, flyers and other printed means of communication.

  • Use forums and blogs to interact with your community.

  • Built-in technology gets information to subscribers without taking up staff time for compiling and publishing.

  • Go "Green" by reducing paper and ink/toner consumption. Click here for more information on how your organization can help save the environment.

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