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The Request Tracker module allows simple submission of requests, such as support tickets or public records requests. These tickets are then managed and responded to by assigned internal staff. Each user is able to view their specific requests and the responses to them.

  • Use as a web-based support ticketing system.
  • No more chasing down emails to find the status of requests or issues.
  • Requests no longer 'fall through the cracks.'
  • Provide self-service access where users can get updates on their requests.
  • Automatic notifications go to appropriate users when updates are made.
Provide self-service access for customers, staff and vendors to submit requests and track the progress of those requests online.
  • Users can manage their own requests and status 24x7.
  • Encourage use of online tools to find answers.
  • Improve customer satisfaction. 
Organized Response
No more keeping track of emails to handle customer requests! Now, all requests received from clients, vendors and internal staff can be managed from one simple interface.
  • Track assignment and responses from multiple representatives.
  • Easily escalate tickets without losing notes.
  • Maintain a detailed log of all correspondence on a particular issue.

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