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Vistalogix Portfolio is web-based software that offers organizations a means to interact with clients, employees and vendors. It not only serves as a secure, centralized location to store and exchange documents, but also as a way of automating communications and work processes. This allows any organization to operate at a lower cost while also looking more professional and being easier to do business with for customers.

  • Make it easier for clients and vendors to do business with you.
  • Do business 24x7x365 - without staff being on duty!
  • User roles and permissions segregate access to information.
  • Deliver information tailored to mobile devices such as iPhone, iPad, and Droid.
  • Improve "socialization" with Facebook and Twitter integration, as well as internal social groups and journaling (similar to Facebook "wall").

Information: All Together
Portfolio allows you to gather all of your important information in on place, then access it securely from anywhere.
  • Stop searching for documents and struggling to keep track of versions with the Document Library module.
  • Keep everyone up to date on the latest news from inside and outside your organization.
  • Have instant access to crucial statistics and reports with Portfolio's Dashboard module.
  • Consolidate data from other existing software.
Self-Service Access

Many of Portfolio's capabilities not only reduce workload, but improve satisfaction with your organization by allowing clients, board members, vendors, constituents, and other users to get the information they need, when they want it.

  • Portfolio's Request Tracker module simplifies managing support, work orders, and other communications with visitors.
  • The Document Library allows secure or public access to download documents and forms.
  • Modules such as Learning Management let visitors receive continuing education and certification on their own schedule
  • Modules like the Dashboard and Workforce Optimizer allow users to view and update data in real time.

Improve Your Public Image
Whether you're a nonprofit, ministry, small business, or government agency, presenting a polished,  respectable image is key to building credibility with clients, vendors and other stakeholders.
  • Use Portfolio to deliver a highly interactive public website.
  • Maintain a fresh, professional look with easily updated skins.
  •  Manage relationships with Portfolio's registration and marketing tools.
No Additional IT Resources

One of many of Vistalogix's customers' favorite features of Portfolio is that it doesn't require dedicated IT staff or a farm of servers to operate.

            • Only the skills necessary to compose an email are necessary to manage information in Portfolio.
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