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The Portfolio Survey Module makes it easy to collect data from virtually anyone, from customers, to employees, to stakeholders of all types. Easily create unlimited, completely personalized questionnaires and other forms from your own website or portal. No software to install on your PC, and no foreign websites to direct respondents to. Even novice users can quickly create:

  • Customer Satisfaction Surveys
  • Employment Applications
  • Event & Party Registration Forms
  • Mailing List Signup
  • Order Forms
  • Contact & Lead Generation
Easy, Web-Based Form Builder
The Live Form Designer allows you to easily add, edit and move fields on your form. Advanced fields, like Address fields, do common work for you - it's all automatic!
  • Easily move fields around using the simple, intuitive controls.
  • Text, Date, Currency, Combo Box, Email, CheckBox List, RadioButton List, HTML Editor, File Upload and more.
  • Grouping allows you to position related fields together on the same row.
  • Numerous validation and post-Submit options, from displaying a simple message, to re-directing to a different page, to executing SQL commands.
Automated Notification
Let survey admins and others know when surveys have been completed and what the results are immediately with flexible, customizable email notifications.
  • Send Multiple email notifications to Submitter, Administrators, anyone.
  • Specify Email Subject, Header, Footer and the body of the email, or use the default which contains all field information.
  • Survey file uploads can be sent as email attachments.
Detailed Statistics & Reporting
Comprehensive, flexible reporting and statistics tracking provides detailed insight into your results.
  • Default general overview of Views, Submissions and Conversion.
  • View charts of results, even using custom ranges.
  • Reporting on dates based on month and year, or as an Age for birth dates, etc.
  • Address fields give statistics on City, State, Country, and Zip Code.
Flexible Display
Make your survey look attractive and professional, and easily match the aesthetics of your site using the highly flexible styling features.
  • Field Hints and help guide the user to the input you are looking for.
  • Buttons can be a Link, Button, or Image.
  • Use included styles, or create your own with the built-in editor.
  • Localization provides simple multi-language display of surveys.
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