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Vistalogix has created a specialized Portfolio bundle specifically addressing the needs of Community Associations and Development Districts. This bundle offers everything necessary to deliver a comprehensive, consolidated, web-based system to meet the requirements of government, and needs of residents.

Portfolio offers the easiest, most cost-effective way to share information between employees, vendors, constituents and other agencies. Costs may be significantly reduced by simplifying technology administration and security. The easy, collaborative flow of information and self-service nature of a portal helps speed-up internal processes, improve constituent satisfaction and decrease program management and delivery costs.


Portfolio's advanced skinning capability and interactive modules easily show the outside world how polished and sophisticated your community is.

Public Records Compliance
The Portfolio bundle for associations and districts provides all the functions you need to ensure regulatory and public records compliance.
  • Easy, password-protected access for board members, residents, vendors, and staff.
  • Comprehensive document management, complete with indexed search and retention settings.
  • Provide self-service access to forms, documents, work orders, and more.

Manage Work & Budgeting
Efficient operation is a cornerstone of any organization, especially when receiving funding from residents.
  • Justify funding with detailed numbers, not guess-timates.
  • Cut budgeting time to hours instead of days.
  • Manage residents' requests in an organized manner.

Reliable, Secure Email
Vistalogix's hosted email solutions bring enterprise-class email to any size organization while simplifying Sunshine Law compliance:
  • Separate business from personal accounts such as Yahoo and Gmail.
  • Archiving and SSL security ensure Sunshine Law compliance.
  • Use your Blackberry or other smartphone without the need for 'vzw' accounts.
  • Sync Blackberry calendars and contacts without going into the office.

Communicate with Residents
 Informed residents are happy residents. Portfolio helps keep your residents informed in the most cost-effective ways possible.
  • Save money by emailing newsletters instead of printing them.
  • Allow individual managers or staff to blog.
  • Publish and archive announcements throughout the site

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