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Common Questions About Vistalogix's MobileFirst Initiative

on 2/12/2016
What does "Mobile First" mean?

Thus far, web-based applications have been designed from the ground up to be just that: web-based and accessed through a desktop browser.

Vistalogix Portfolio and its associated modules, including custom modules built for specific clients, are most often used from full laptops and desktop PCs and accessed by browsing to a web address such as portal.yourdomain.com.

With mFirst development, the overall portal interface is no longer necessary. Apps that server specific purposes, such as data or order entry, are run from a user's mobile phone or tablet, which acts as the portal interface.

What will happen to our Portfolio solution?

Portfolio continues to be a viable, web-based technology providing broad support for traditional web content delivery and management.

Apps built under our mFirst methodology will tend to be more purpose-built, with intended delivery via a mobile download.

Portfolio may still be utilized as a portal to aggregate data from mFirst apps for viewing or editing via a desktop web browser.

How can we "mobil-ize" our existing custom Portfolio module(s)?

The most simple route, which has already been done for many clients as part of the initial development process, is to utilize responsive web code.

However, this has some limitations, primarily in the speed experienced by the end-user, as well as availability of data in the event of a weak or lost connection.

The better, but more complicated route is to re-develop the module as a mobile app using our mFirst methodology. This will optimize performance on mobile devices, as well as help ensure data integrity and availability over deteriorated connections.
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