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Vistalogix Expands To Texas

on 10/1/2015
After operating for 12 years from its headquarters in St. Petersburg, FL, Vistalogix Corporation is opening a satellite office in Austin, TX.

"We've had some significant new opportunities come up in the Austin area, and it is an exploding technology hub, so it just makes sense to have a presence there," commented CEO Brian Haas, who will be heading up Vistalogix's presence in this new market.

One of the fastest growing cities in the U.S., according to Forbes and USNews, Austin has been long established as a hi-tech center since the millennium. Having two prominent universities within close proximity of each other provides a tremendous pool of young talent, especially in STEM-related careers. Technology giants like Dell, Cisco, eBay, Emerson, and Samsung help proliferate the industry in what has come to be known as "Silicon Hills" in the vein of  the longstanding Texas Hill Country moniker.

"The tremendous growth in Austin creates outstanding opportunities for Vistalogix both locally, as well as across this very prosperous state," remarked Mr. Haas. "Couple that with the exceptional talent pool, and you have a winning recipe for taking a company like Vistalogix to the next level."

Vistalogix will continue to be headquartered in St. Petersburg, FL and serve the Florida market, as well as other U.S. markets already served. "As you know, the Internet allows companies such as ours, and our clients', to seamlessly serve customers around the world," commented Haas. "We already maintain almost no data in Florida due to the risk of hurricanes, and have avoided datacenters in California and the Tornado Belt for similar disaster-avoidance reasons. Yet, our clients see no difference in service - in fact, during the 2004 and 2012 hurricane seasons, they liked the fact that their email and other Vistalogix-provided services were available when everything else was down!"

For questions about Vistalogix and services offered, please contact: sales@vistalogix.com.


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