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We have provided a comparison between Portfolio's Learning Management System and the two most common competing solutions: The "free" and open-source Moodle and the costly, large enterprise-oriented Blackboard.

As many organizations that deploy Moodle find out quickly, "free" is not always free, and more often than not, you get what you pay for. While the Moodle LMS software is available for download at no charge, there is a great deal of expertise required to deploy and maintain it. Reliable expertise can be difficult to come by and the learning curve to simply administer the software can be steep, as it is not exactly intuitive. The feature comparison between Moodle and Portfolio's LMS, below, speaks for itself.

Moodle's intended use by colleges and universities becomes readily apparent when attempting to implement it in a corporate environment. Where Moodle is teacher-centric (designed for professors and their classes), Portfolio's LMS is content or learner-centric (designed around the content necessary to achieve desired knowledge), making it ideal for corporate policy, product, and sales training.

Furthermore, Moodle is built using PHP, which may pose some additional compatibility and performance issues. You can read our article about this development platform here.

This is probably the most widely used LMS package available. As its name implies, it is intended for school districts and, as several studies have shown, is not well suited to corporate learning environments. Of course, Blackboard comes with a price tag fitted to a package that proclaims ownership of the market as well.

When you compare the features of Blackboard and Portfolio's LMS, you quickly see that, unless you are a major university or school district, the differences are not worth several times the price. And that doesn't even touch on the complexity of deploying and managing a solution designed for large-scale educational facilities.
LMS Comparison
MoodlePortfolio LMSBlackboard
Administrative Reporting SupportedSupportedSupported
Authentication SupportedSupportedSupported
Registration Management UnsupportedSupportedSupported
Defined User Roles UnsupportedSupportedUnsupported
User Access Controls UnsupportedSupportedSupported
Course Development
Course Catalog SupportedSupportedSupported
Individual-Based Plans UnsupportedSupportedSupported
Course Interactivity SupportedSupportedSupported
Coursework Grading SupportedSupportedSupported
Blended Learning UnsupportedSupportedSupported
Multimedia Available UnsupportedSupportedSupported
Self-Paced UnsupportedSupportedSupported
Student Tracking UnsupportedSupportedSupported
Training Metrics UnsupportedSupportedSupported
Skills Assessment SupportedSupportedSupported
Student Self Service UnsupportedSupportedSupported
Supports Classroom Learning UnsupportedSupportedSupported
Goal Setting UnsupportedUnsupportedSupported
Exam Engine UnsupportedUnsupportedSupported
Testing SupportedSupportedSupported
Test Building UnsupportedDone thru content development/SCORM.Supported
Test Scoring UnsupportedDone thru content development/SCORM.Supported
Virtual Classroom SupportedSupportedSupported
eLearning SupportedSupportedSupported
Collaboration Management SupportedSupportedN/A
Discussion Forum SupportedSupportedN/A
Discussion Management SupportedSupportedN/A
File Exchange SupportedSupportedN/A
Internal Messaging SupportedSupportedN/A
Live Chat SupportedSupportedN/A
Wikis SupportedSupportedN/A
eRooms SupportedSupportedN/A
Content Management
Content Management SupportedSupportedSupported
Custom Branding UnsupportedSupportedSupported
Custom Fields SupportedSupportedSupported
Custom Functionality SupportedSupportedSupported
Custom Reporting SupportedSupportedSupported
LCMS UnsupportedSupportedSupported
Custom User Interface UnsupportedSupportedSupported
Data Import/Export UnsupportedSupportedSupported
Data Management UnsupportedSupportedSupported
Legacy System Integration UnsupportedSupportedSupported
Multiple Delivery Formats UnsupportedSupportedSupported
Resource Management UnsupportedSupportedUnsupported
Generate Reports UnsupportedSupportedSupported
Instructor Scheduling SupportedSupportedSupported
Report Management UnsupportedSupportedSupported
Resource Management SupportedSupportedUnsupported
Work Online SupportedSupportedSupported
Training Types
Instructor Led UnsupportedSupportedSupported
Online SupportedSupportedSupported
Mobile Access UnsupportedSupportedSupported
eCommerce UnsupportedSupportedUnsupported
Course Libraries
Built-in Libraries UnsupportedSupportedSupported
Accessibility Compliance
SCORM Compliant SupportedSupportedSupported
Forums SupportedSupportedSupported
Normal business hours UnsupportedSupportedSupported
Online self serve SupportedSupportedSupported
Email UnsupportedSupportedSupported
Request Ticketing UnsupportedSupportedSupported
Owner's/User Manual Partially SupportedSupportedSupported
Fully managed solution UnsupportedSupportedSupported
No additional IT resources req'd UnsupportedSupportedSupported

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Unsupported = Unsupported
Partially Supported = Partially Supported
Supported = Supported
Blank denotes 'N/A'.
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